With the coming of cold weather, we want you to stay warm.  This is a joint effort between tenants and Landlords, therefore please check these following important items:
All exterior doors stay closed.  Windows are shut and locked to seal the wind from coming in.
Heat Registers completely cleared with lots of empty space around them for heat circulation:   No furniture (couches, beds, etc. within 3 feet) no clothing, toys, or miscellaneous items on or around heat registers.
Baseboard guards are flipped open on baseboards and clean all dust, cat hair, crayons, pens, clothing, papers, etc.from the baseboard fins.
Wear warm clothes: socks, slippers, long pants, long sleeve shirts and sweaters; keep blankets handy.
Remember that when the temperature is below 20 degrees F, the boiler is doing a lot of work to warm the building.
Windows are not to be opened during heat season. If it is too hot in your unit, please call the office.  You may be charged a fee of $50/ incident of open windows.
If you have checked everything out and the temperature is below 68 degrees (state law) please call our office.

Have a warm and wonderful winter!

In this weather, we know it takes extra effort to take the trash to the can and put the lid on. Please make sure this is done. Otherwise the water, snow and ice gets in the cans and makes it virtually impossible to empty. Also, keeping trash in the units encourages roaches to make there home there.